Board Construction


How they're built

  • XR-4
    • Our XR-4 boards are constructed with a high-density EPS core. With a fiberglass shell, EVA rails and PE soft skin on the tip and tail, the standing area is reinforced with bamboo laminate, and the rails are double-wrapped for extra protection.

  • iTUFF Inflatable
    • At Cascadia Board Co. we waited patiently to achieve the inflatable technology to meet our own stringent requirements. Working hand in hand with shapers, our manufacturers and riders, we are confident we've nailed it! The new 4.7" and 6" drop stitched core is machine spun into the PVC, creating rigidity similar to a traditional epoxy board. The heavy duty PVC is not fusion welded with heat on all seams, creating a stronger hold than ever in a newer, lower profile and ultimately stronger product. 

  • TUFF Skin
    • TUFF Skin epoxy construction was developed over several years through the XR series of all-around boards. New featured on the Straight and Serene models as well, this heavy duty epoxy construction with a full EVA foam skin covering the entire deck and sides delivers the stiffness and response of a traditional epoxy board, while adding the scratch and dent resistance of an inflatable or Thermo Form plastic shell. The durable heat compressed EVA Croc Skin is soft to the touch and comfortable under your feet while adding extra protection from all the things that want to scratch up your favourite paddle board. 

  • Thermo-TUFF
    • Thermo-TUFF construction is our newest effort to deliver the most durable and indestructible paddle boards on the market. Featuring a traditional epoxy lay up with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resins over an EPS foam blank. This boards outer shell is a heat formed, impact resistant plastic barrier layer that will absorb and distribute any impact that would otherwise seriously damage a regular epoxy skin board. The best part is - you can repair it with traditional epoxy if you manage to damage the outer skin! These boards were designed for the serious paddlers, as they can handle next level abuse. 
  • Hybrid Carbon
    • Not all boards fit into a single category and some just require a little extra attention. The Special Operations division of Cascadia is always developing new technology and trying different things.