Cascadia Limited Lifetime Warranty


Cascadia is proud to stand behind our products and so we now offer, on both composite “hard” and inflatable constructions, a limited Lifetime Warranty against any defect in workmanship and/or materials. All warranty claims should be processed through the Cascadia retailer at which the board was originally purchased and only the original purchaser may make a warranty claim. Second hand boards are not subject to this warranty. Proof of purchase from the authorized Cascadia dealer along with date of purchase is required in order to process a warranty claim. A return authorization number will be issued after the initial claim and any related photos have been submitted to Cascadia for consideration. Any returns must be accompanied by the return authorization number (RA#) clearly printed on the outside of the package which will be assigned to your specific claim once the initial claim is accepted. Any and all unsolicited returns will be refused.
Cascadia will determine if the specified defect falls under warranty and reserves the right to repair or replace based on the condition of the claim.
Paddle boards and surfboards will experience wear and tear as part of natural use and taking good care of your board, storing it out of the sun and in a cool place and transporting in a padded and vented bag will extend the life of your board.


The Cascadia Lifetime Warranty does not include the following:

- Damage due to normal wear and tear (paint scuff and scratches, dents and dings, tears in your deck pad and finish)
- Damage cause by extreme weather conditions like waves and shore pound
- Punctures and previous repairs as well as rail damage from your paddle and transport
- Damage and delimitation caused by excessive heat exposure and direct sunlight as well as baking in an unvented board bag or extended periods of time exposed on a roof rack
- Fading caused by sun exposure. Our wood veneer finishes use organic stains and are susceptible to fading after prolonged periods of time in the sun. WARNING!! Avoid striped lines across your board caused by leaving it uncovered on roof racks with straps attached for long periods of time. Even a thin cloth board bag will prevent this. 
- Finbox damage caused by impact (often running the board ashore or into underwater dock ramps)
- Any damage other than manufacturers defects in materials and/or workmanship
- Electronics on LED Paddle Boards are covered under a limited 30 day warranty from date of purchase. Additional remotes or replacement batteries are available for purchase. 

Please email sales@cascadiaboardco.com for all warranty inquiries