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Built to be used and abused, The Beatnik from Cascadia Board Co provide riders with a super durable thermoformed poly shell over a traditional EPS core with PVC backing for inserts. A new construction for Cascadia, The Beatnik will prove to be it’s most durable product for your rugged coastal excursions.

  • 10'6 Specifications
      • Product Size: 10'6" X32"X 4.6"
      • Weight: 13.kgs
      • Volume: 220L
      • Fins: SINGLE
  • 11'6 Specifications
      • Product Size: 11'6" X33"X 5"
      • Weight: 14.kgs
      • Volume: 260L
      • Fins: SINGLE
  • Construction
        Taking the best thing about hand crafted boards and fusing them with the latest in composite technology we have create the Thermoform SUP. A machine shapes EPS core is fused with PVC inserts and then a fiber glassed, heat molded poly sheet is fused to the core creating a board that is extra durable, and cap be repaired with standard epoxy fiberglass.