Tender ISUP

Tender ISUP

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Our Tender inflatable paddle board is ideal for boating life: with two stainless steel D-rings and heavy-duty PVC on the tip and tail, it’s easy to tie to your boat – without banging or damaging it. The Tender comes with a high-pressure hand pump, a 12-kg backpack and an 8-mm elastic rope to tie down your gear.

  • Specifications
    • Product Size: 12'6" x 31" x 6"
    • Weight: 14.5kgs
    • Volume: 241L
    • Fins: 9" Touring
  • Shaper's Notes
    • With a narrow shape and upturned nose, this board was designed for the ocean, handling long distances, tides, chop and wind. Brushed, faux-teak adds traction.

  • Construction

    • Inflatable technology meets the stringent requirements of Cascadian paddle boarders. The 6-inch, drop-stitched core is machine-spun into heavy-duty PVC, creating rigidity similar to a traditional epoxy board. The PVC is double-glued with heat at all seams for reinforced strength.

  • How to use your ISUP
      1. Unpack the paddle board on a smooth, flat surface.
      2. Locate the pump and hose, and attach the hose to the pump by screwing the two parts together.
      3. Locate the valve on the top of the paddle board (near the tail) and unscrew the cap cover.
      4. Insert the end of the hose into the valve, pushing down and rotating a half turn until sealed.
      5. Pump until the gauge reads between 12 and 15 PSI and the board is firm.
      6. Remove the hose from the valve by quickly turning it a half turn then replace the valve.
      7. Flip the board over and install the rear fin.
      8. Remember to take your life jacket and a buddy with you. Enjoy your adventure!