This Is Why You Need to Go Cold Weather Paddle Boarding

by Kimberley Brown

Cold weather paddle boarding

A quick look at the busy lineups in Cox Bay or North Chesterman this time of year prove that staying comfortable in winter waters comes down to having the right gear. Todays wetsuit options combined with a couple more cold weather essentials really remove paddle season from the vocabulary.

3 reasons why you should go paddle boarding in the winter:

1. No Crowds (you can have your favourite paddle spot all to yourself!)

2. Serene Nature

3. Magnificent Winter Landscapes


So of course you'll need all the usual gear (board, paddle, leash, PFD, whistle) but what we're here to talk about is the cold weather add-ons... All the gear that will keep you from freezing your butt off while paddling (warm layers, gloves, boots, etc.).

Our Favourite Winter Gear:

  • Cold Water Wetsuit / Neoprene System (5.5mm / 4mm thickness)
  • Drysuit With: Wool Base Layer / Long Underwear
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Toque
  • Neck Gaiter (Neck Warmer)
  • Waterproof or Neoprene Booties (A Must)
  • Thermos 

It's all about being comfortable out there,


Paddle boarding in cold temperatures can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Do your homework for the spot you plan to paddle. Find out the weather forecast for that day. Don’t go if the temperature is going to be below freezing, or if there will be high winds. Never go paddle boarding in extreme weather conditions alone. It’s important to find some friends to go with you, especially in rural paddle board locations.


When you get back to shore there is nothing better then getting into a cozy change of clothes and sharing a thermos of your favourite warm drink!

There is a particular serenity to be found out on the water this time of year and with a little preparation you may find the off season turning into your favourite season to get out on the water. ⁠⁠