Rooted in the West Coast

Cascadia Board Co. was born on the shores of Vancouver Island, deep in the heart of the Cascadia region. The swell has been in our veins since the day we crafted our first board in 1998. Since then, our journey has led us to some of the world’s most magical places and allowed us to work with incredibly talented people.

Inspired by the surf

This year’s product line is a reflection of both our history and the journey to our present. Our woodgrain surfboards remind us of the towering timbers at our local breaks when we’re away, while the paddle boards with crab trap tie-downs help us feed our families when we’re home.

We are water dwellers

We are water-lovers who share our experiences through our boards – and we’d like to share our story as we grow, so you know where and why these paddle boards, skimboards and surfboards originate. We would rather harvest than buy, and we will fight to keep our water clean (we truly are #addictedtowater!) Thank you for supporting Cascadia – we’ll see you in the water.