Paddle Boards

  • Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards
    • Re-engineering paddle boarding as we know it, our inflatable boards merge convenience with performance for a versatile, durable board.
  • Epoxy Stand-Up Paddle Boards
    • Our shapers are pros at what they do, creating boards they ride themselves. We build Canada’s finest paddle boards for foraging, touring, racing and all-around with nuances in the construction you’ll feel in the ride. And with our characteristic Cascadia aesthetic, your board will look as good as it feels.
  • XR-4 Stand-Up Paddle Boards
    • Designed for the casual paddler, our XR-4 stand-up paddle boards boast a soft top and adjustable paddle for comfort and convenience – without compromising quality. Built with unparalleled technical construction, they are perfect for everyday cruising or building your rental fleet.


  • Flatland Skimboards
    • Our flatland skimboards fuse over 15 years of innovation with unparalleled quality. We optimize the highest-quality technical construction materials, from feather-light wood cores to high-density Canadian Maple cores with HPL bases and Diatrax tops, for the enjoyment of all riders.
  • Diatrax Skimboards
    • Integrating our Diatrax technology, our Diatrax skimboards cushion your feet with a half-centimetre of heavy-duty EVA foam that’s applied with industrial-strength 3M adhesive for durability and longevity. Some of the softest in the industry, you can ride for hours and stomp hard without injury.
  • Premium Flatland Skimboards
    • Our premium flatland skimboards are constructed from 6-ply maple wood. Individually pressed at 60 tonnes with marine-grade glue and a 5-axis rocker pattern, they are high-performance boards. A UV coating protects the board from the elements and wear, while rounded rails maximize distance.


  • Shortboards
    • Our shortboard lineup was designed to take on the West Coast waters. With three models, shaped by world-renowned shapers – with years of experience in our local breaks – our shortboards were designed for different styles of surfing. Choose the one that’s your riding style and take on the waves.
  • Funboards
    • As surfers, we all chase the evasive, perfect wave. Our funboard lineup handles Cascadia’s conditions with versatile, stable shapes. With wider rails and more volume, you can catch virtually any wave in any condition, from wind to rain and snow.
  • Longboards
    • Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran surfer, longboards are your friend. Shaped from epoxy with wooden inlays, our longboards have a classic aesthetic that ride light and easy.