We've got the SUP you need

by Jamie Perez

We're all looking for more ways to enjoy the outdoors and seek adventure in our local areas. If you're looking to enjoy your nearest lake, river or coastline on a paddle board, the first step is to make sure you've got the right SUP. Read on to learn which board is best for enjoying the water right in your own backyard.


Lakes: Ideal for flatwater SUPs

Calm, smooth lakes are perfect for flatwater boards that glide across the water. If you want a more laid back, relaxed paddle, go for an all around shape - like The iSerene, The Beatnik or our XR-4 Soft Tops. For longer distance paddles, a touring board like The Gypsy is your best bet for speed and efficiency.


Oceans: Surf the waves or cut through chop

The ocean can bring an unpredictable array of conditions depending on the time, weather, tides and more. An all around but versatile board like The Beacon or The Drifter will be perfect both for catching waves and for flat water paddling. For longer distance paddles and cutting through the chop you'll want a touring shape such as  The Whisper, The K'Utala, or The Whitecap


Expeditions: Island hoping or camping overnight 

For longer treks and cutting through whatever conditions you meet along the way you'll want a higher volume touring board with extra tie down options such as The inter-Islander, The iStraight or The Slayer. These boards have displacement hauls allowing you to track straighter while the touring shape cuts through all the bumps.