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The Beacon - Sunrise
The Beacon - Sunrise
The Beacon - Sunrise
The Beacon - Sunrise
The Beacon - Sunrise
The Beacon - Sunrise

    The Beacon - Sunrise

    $1,716.00 $2,200.00

      The Beacon was designed for those looking for the flexibility to transition from SUP to Surf on the same adventure. A great All-Around hard board for those looking to paddle on lakes or calmer bays. 

      SUP - this board is a classic all around shape that offers stability and impeccable tracking with its 3 fin set up.

      Surf - this board is equipped with a raised tail pad for a leverage point when pivoting, a concentrated round rail profile that pulls back along the sides.

      The Beacon performs in the surf or flat water, turning through waves without compromising stability, making it a strong cross-over board.

      We've included a 4 point bungee system for gear and triple layer, high-density vertical deck pad for comfort and durability. A bold palette contrasts a beautiful real oak wood veneer.

      Includes: 3-Piece Woodgrain Fin Set

      10'6 Specifications
      • Product Size: 10'6" x 33" x 5"
      • Weight: 26.5 lbs
      • Volume: 192L
      • Fins: 3 Fin Thruster Set Up
      • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 190 lbs
      11'6 Specifications
      • Product Size: 11'6" x 33" x 5"
      • Weight: 28.5 lbs
      • Volume: 212L
      • Fins: 3 Fin Thruster Set Up 
      • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 215 lbs
      • A hand shaped 15kg/mhigh density EPS 4T core is hand laid in 3 layers of performance fibreglass cloth - we reinforce the tip, tail, rails, and standing zone with S-Glass then sandwich in real wood veneer. We use a high pressure, heated vacuum sealing process for ultimate durability and consistency. (It's Tough)

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