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The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0
The Whitecap 2.0

    The Whitecap 2.0

    $1,190.00 $1,700.00

      Our Award Winning Inflatable Classic 2.0 - The Whitecap 2.0 is an extremely stable, high performing all around inflatable SUP that caters to all skill levels.

      New for 2024 we introduced a triple layer military grade polymer shell and higher density dropstich core. We added paddle straps and Kayak Conversion Kit points. We also upgraded our 3-piece carbon paddle, added wheels to our carry backpack, and went with a deeper Ocean Blue to contrast our Red Oak finish


      Includes $600 Premium KitChoose Between our 3-Piece Carbon Paddle & 3-Piece Hybrid Paddle, Premium Wheeled Backpack, 3 Fin Set, Coil Leash, Double Action Pump, Waterproof Cellphone Case & Repair Kit.

        10' Specifications
        • Product size: 10' x 33" x 6"
        • Weight: 19 lbs
        • Volume: 280L
        • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 260 lbs
        11' Specifications
        • Product size: 11' x 33" x 6"
        • Weight: 20.5 lbs
        • Volume: 325L 
        • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 310 lbs
        12' Specifications
        • Product size: 12' x 33" x 6"
        • Weight: 22 lbs
        • Volume: 380L 
        • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 360 lbs
        • A triple layer military grade polymer shell is fused to our super reinforced dropstich core. Seams are heat fused and machine pressed to create industry leading durability and rigidity

        How to use your ISUP
        • Unpack the paddle board on a smooth, flat surface.
        • Locate the pump and hose, and attach the hose to the pump by screwing the two parts together.
        • Locate the valve on the top of the paddle board (near the tail) and unscrew the cap cover.
        • Insert the end of the hose into the valve, pushing down and rotating a half turn until sealed.
        • Pump until the gauge reads between 13 - 15 PSI.
        • Remove the hose from the valve by quickly turning it a half turn then replace the valve.
        • Flip the board over and install the rear fin.
        • Happy Paddling!

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