Inflatable Kayak
Inflatable Kayak
Inflatable Kayak
Inflatable Kayak

    Inflatable Kayak

    $840.00 $2,100.00

      The iKayak, available in single or double capacity. Constructed with the same durable heat fusion technology as our iSUPs, the iKayak offers a smooth & stable paddling experience. 

      The Cascadia iKayak features a 3 chamber inflation system, which makes pumping fast and efficient. It takes less time to inflate manually than an average iSUP! The bottom hull is reinforced to ensure rocky beaches aren't an issue, and a removable fin make maneuvering this vessel around the water a breeze. 

      With the option of single vs double capacity, the iKayak is a great solo or partnered option to hit the water. Performs well in any environment from calm lakes to choppy ocean and everything in between. 

      Comes with: accompanying fin, (1 or 2) detachable kayak seats, foot rest bars, 2 piece kayak paddle(s), carrying backpack with roller wheels, pump and repair kit.

        SINGLE Specifications
        • Product size: 12' x 33"
        • Weight: 31 lbs
        • Fin: Thruster - removable
        • Max Load Capacity: up to 450 lbs
        • Recommended PSI: 10 PSI per chamber
        DOUBLE Specifications
        • Product size: 14.5' x 33"
        • Weight: 35 lbs
        • Fins: Thruster - removable
        • Max Load Capacity: up to 650 lbs
        • Recommended PSI: 10 PSI per chamber
        • Layers of marine grade PVC vinyl are fused together using an innovative heat technology, as opposed to the traditional adhesive procedure, creating a more durable and eco-friendly inflatable option in comparison to others on the market.  
        How to use your iKayak
        • Unpack the iKayak on a smooth, flat surface
        • Locate the pump and hose, and attach the hose to the pump by screwing the two parts together
        • Before inflating, insert the clear flex-plexi glass piece underneath the woodgrain vinyl piece on the front to create a dome
        • Locate the valve on the floor of the iKayak and open the cap cover
        • Insert the end of the hose into the valve, pushing down and rotating a half turn until sealed
        • Pump until the gauge reads 10 PSI and the iKayak is firm
        • Remove the hose from the valve by quickly turning it a half turn then replace the cap cover 
        • Repeat this inflation process for both side walls, pumping each up to 10 PSI
        • Flip the iKayak over and install the rear fin
        • See you on the water!



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