Inter Islander LED

    Inter Islander LED

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      The NEW Inter Islander LED model is crafted with a super durable thermoform exterior, which will allow you to explore without hesitation. Combined with over 400 LED lights embedded into the base of the board; this SUP can take you anywhere, day or night! Take in the world beneath you through a tempered glass porthole with lockable hatch located on the top of the deck pad. 

      Cascadia's classic Inter Islander look has been replicated beautifully on this stable all around style paddle board. Paddle with lights on or lights off; easily controlled by a wireless remote. Over 10 colours of lights to cycle through and up to 10 hours of battery life with each charge. 

      11' Specifications
      • Product Size: 11' x 31.5" x 4.5"
      • Weight: 27 lbs
      • Volume: 193L
      • Fins: 9" centre fin
      • Colours: White & faux wood
      • Viewing Panel: 16cm diameter, 8mm tempered glass window
      • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 200 lbs
      Shaper's Notes
      • This board was shaped to perform well on calm waters. Its rounded nose gives it a high stability rating and is perfect for paddlers of all skill levels. 

      • LED Thermoform

      • The LED Thermoform series of boards from Cascadia are a limited edition run including 3 boards to highlight their aesthetic - the Beacon, the Beatnik and the Inter Islander. Each board is constructed with a solid foam core encased in an incredibly durable impact resistant thermoform exterior. 

      • The LED lights embedded in the base are powered by a polymer lithium-ion battery (included) that last a minimum 6 hours on a full charge! The battery is housed behind the paddler in a 16cm water-tight "hold" and can be charged by a simple plug-in. In front of the paddler is a second compartment equipped with an 8mm thick tempered glass viewing window that allows you to see the wonders beneath your board. The LED lights are controlled by a remote control that allows you to switch through 10 different colour options and fluctuate the brightness.